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One of the best quotes that no one actually said is: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (This quote is often attributed to Gandhi, but there is no evidence that he ever said it.) Qatar’s desert climate with low annual rainfall and intensely hot and humid summers makes the country a particularly difficult place for abandoned and stray pets. Thankfully, the Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS), a non-profit volunteer organization completely funded by public donations, is a refuge for animals without a safe place to live. 

The QAWS Facebook page highlights the many amazing activities that the QAWS staff and volunteers do on a daily basis! Every day, animals are rescued, rehabilitated, and found new homes—including sometimes by being flown to the US, UK, and other countries. Sometimes the stories are heartbreaking, such as a recent rescue named “JB” who had been physically abused and now needs volunteers to sit quietly with him at the shelter and help him rehabilitate to humans. But many times the stories are filled with kindness and positivity, like the foster family who rescued “Ned” and healed him at their home until a space became available at the shelter. The happy pictures of adopted pets with their new families, like Caesar, are also great to see! QAWS also keeps us updated on the constant improvements they do to their facilities, like the new kennel blocks that will help separate young pups from older dogs and provide space and noise control for all. And they even have a QAWS Happy Ever After animal alumni Facebook group, and their Success Stories albums, to celebrate successful rehoming!  


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Image from QAWS Facebook


The QAWS website asks for any amount of monetary donations, writing: “Please know that every single amount, however small it may seem, makes a huge difference in keeping QAWS open.” People based in Qatar can also drop off items such as toys, collars and leashes, cleaning supplies, blankets, and certain brands of cat and dog food. People coming and going on flights can volunteer to bring kennels and other needed equipment, and can also be “flight buddies” to pets who are being flown to their new homes! And volunteers are always welcome to donate their time—QAWS welcomes volunteers to their shelter to play with the animals and walk the dogs, and there are also foster care and other fundraising opportunities, including at local schools and businesses! And if you don’t live in Qatar, consider popping by your local animal shelter to see how you can be involved. 

Thank you, Qatar Animal Welfare Society, for making the world a better place!